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Two Flu Vaccinations


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Two Flu Vaccinations

Did You Know...?
Did you know that there were two flu vaccinations? Some of you may have known this, but I'm sure this is new information for others. Yes!! There is a preservative free flu vaccination and there is one which has the preservative, thimerosal. This preservative has a mercury-based component.  "It protects you from bacteria, fungus, or other microorganisms that may contaminate the flu vaccine." However, it may have adverse effects as well. The preservative free vaccine contains the same four strains as the average one and is just as powerful.


Have you thought about...?

Have you thought about writing a review for each business you have made apart of your life? If it was just a thought, you might want to rethink your decision. Of all the years that I have considered writing a review, I did not think that my review would hold much weight. One would think, All Reviews Matter, right? The answer is Yes! All reviews do matter. Your review is influential to the business and for those who are pursuing the business. 

In past years, I've missed the opportunity in taking advantage of writing reviews.